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Movin’ Different- 21 ‘BOUT IT ~ Shareza J Wilkerson

Movin’ Different is an Action. It was a stance I decided to take a little over 10 years ago in order to redefine myself. It’s really just about not being afraid to walk in your purpose and understand who you really are, not allowing the past to define you. You know…. doing things DIFFERENT. We cannot allow the same ole behaviors and “movements” to dictate the rest of our lives. There are 8 Elements I created in this “Movin Different” Journey:

  • BOLD- Take Calculated Risk

  • FEARLESS – Unafraid to take the road less travelled

  • UNAPOLOGETIC- No longer apologize for your past & Damn sure not your accomplishments

  • UNMASKED- Complete Transparency

  • EMOTIONAL CONTROL- Maintain Your Temperament

  • BE STRATEGIC – Makin Moves to achieve desired results

  • MIND YO BUSINESS -Take care of yourself internally and externally

  • SECURE THE “DOG ON” BAG – Secure Yourself- Financially

How Bold are you willing to be as you take ownership of your life? You see me, I can only speak from experience. I’ve learned if I don’t like the beat, change the tune. I decided to march to the beat of my own drum and create a lane that I can drive in. Its not bragging nor being boastful. I just understand my CREATOR Opinion outweighs anyone’s judgment. Its 2022 and I am a GROWN A$$ Woman. Are you ready to BE 21 BOUT and own your Sh#!+ ?

~ Shareza J Wilkerson

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