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Shareza J is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, Playwright, Speaker, Celebrity Life Coach and Philanthropist.

Shareza is a sought-after Purpose Speaker and Business Coach. She has delivered several presentations and facilitated empowering workshops to the youth, and men and women of all ages. She applies biblical principles, real-life experiences to not only share with others but to live her best life without limits with the understanding To Whom Much is Given; Much is Required. Shareza affectionately shares her stories of trials and triumph, as it relates to both Life and Business. Her positive and infectious presence captivates her audience as she educates, motivates, and inspires them to Live Life Limitless and Be Unconfined to the Box. Hence “Movin ’Different”- Shareza brings a lot of passion and dedication wherever she goes!

To further her mission of educating, collaborating with, and enhancing the entrepreneurial minds, Shareza created Limitless University designed to strengthen others to be intentional about their purpose (LIVIN LIFE LIMITLESS) and give opportunities to those that may need additional resources to execute their dream. Her current focus is the Mental Health Crisis affecting our communities and bringing awareness Women who have survived or encounter Narcissistic Partners and/or Partners with ill will or harmful intent.

Shareza J is the author of several books, her catalog includes but not limited to:
Sistah Deprogrammed: Your Guide to Growth, Freedom and Redefining Yourself, Dear Future Husband:7 Keys to Loving Yourself Before Loving Him and The Movin’ Different- Be 21 Bout It Accountability Journal. Her recent project is the MIND BLOWING “Memoir “Successful Women Get Played Too; Mastering the Art of Ownin’ Your $#!+ Keepin’ Your $#!+ and Keepin’ It Movin’".

She is the Visionary of The Annual Divas Don’t Do Drama: We Do Business: Women’s Summit; created to Celebrate Sisterhood and The Art of Collaboration Not Competition. Shareza recently added Executive Producer to her list of titles as she has partnered with a major network to write and produce scripted and unscripted content.

Shareza is a perfect example of failure not being an option. As she often states, “You roll with the punches, Grandma taught me to cry only for a minute but get back up SWINGING.”

She is a firm believer in giving back to those in need and paying it forward. One of her favorite quotes by Dalai Lama “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”.

Shareza states “I take none of my accomplishments for granted nor do I take credit for them either. I am simply a vessel being used; I was just obedient to the calling.”

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