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DETOX YOUR LIFE: I AM The Problem - Shareza J

Updated: May 6

Yesterday I listened to a sermon by Pastor Jamal Bryant entitled I Am the Problem. While his sermon wasn’t necessarily based on accountability , the title itself got me to thinking. Often time we tell others to hold themselves accountable but fail to truly bloom in the mirror to hold oneself accountable. I remember undergoing a rigorous self examination and literally analyzing every area of my life. I made a list and a decision to replace my negative traits with positive traits because let’s be real, we all have some traits in which we can improve.

For example:

I used to seek to be understood rather than understand. I wanted to be heard and get my point of view out so bad, I failed to listen to the person in which I was communicating with. Soooooo I changed. I took the time to listen and truly hear “understand” what was being said and not so quick to respond.

This week I encourage you to create a list of traits in which you’d like to improve. Then replace it with what you’re going to do to improve it… ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY

~ Shareza J


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