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An Entrepreneur’s Quick Take on Being Successful

I’ve always been a Hustler at heart (Entrepreneur). I was that little girl that went to the Candy Lady,

purchased items for fifty cent and sold them for one dollar. When you add a Business Degree with that

Street Hustle Mentality, something great happens.

When I decided to start SJW Unlimited, I knew I wanted it to be different and accommodating to all. The

goal is to encourage inspire others to Live a Limitless Life.

I began to listen to and watch what I call “Mentors A Far” you know the ones you listen to but do not

necessarily have access to?  Meaning you cannot call them, but they are so influential in business: that

you tend to gravitate to their knowledge and practices that have a proven success rate. I spent a lot of

time reading and researching every business I started.

 One of the keys to Success is to align your passion with purpose so that profit could take place. I did not

want to only pursue money, but it was important I pursued what I loved as well. When you love what

you do it never feels like work.

I stayed away from the naysayers and doubters. Being a minority (African American Woman) in business,

is an obstacle in itself so is important you surround yourself around cheerleaders on your rise to success.

~ Shareza J Wilkerson

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