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If you missed this year’s Divas don’t do Drama, We do Business Summit HUUUUNEY you missed a transformational weekend but don’t worry we will be back next year.

Margaritaville Beach Spa and Resort in Hollywood Florida did an Excellent Job Hosting us this Year. Friday night was all that the Debut of Evolution of an Extraordinary Woman Monologue edition had.Everyone in tears not to mention the spoken word that had the women literally on their feet. It was an emotional night. It was all about unmasking yourself and owning your shit.

We ended the night with NIGHT -TEA (intimate night time conversation in our pajamas) and baby let me tell you: We women got together and let it all hang out! This night was transparency at its best. You’re probably wondering “how in the hell could people get together and share their dirty laundry not knowing one another?” Well, it’s simple - in each one of us there’s all of us. Healing can be a lifetime journey and you definitely can’t do life alone… MASK OFF.

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