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Divas Meditate and WE BRUNCH

Updated: May 6

We started the morning off with Yoga and Meditation. You know us gals gotta take care of the

Mind Body &; Soul. I personally got a chance to breathe and reflect on how amazing this weekend was. I needed this not only for others but for MYSELF

We cleaned up and headed over to eat, (mentally and physically) We were Brunchin’ with an

inspirational word. : Movin’ Different LIVIN’LIMITLESS was the title and honey those Principles that were dropped on this day were so Powerful& Insightful. It was definitely what we needed to end the weekend and all my divas all “us divas” walked away with the understanding that we will LIVE the LIMITLESS LIFE , Walk Unapologetically in Our Purpose with No F**** given to those that try to dim our light because they are afraid to shine. Will I see yall next year at the Divas Don’t Do Drama We Do Business Summit Right. Its all about Collaboration NOT Competition. No Drama Just Business

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