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Boss Babes Doin’ Business- Collaboration NOT Competition

All right so for me I thought Day 1 could not be topped. I LIED!!!!

Day 2 we were “Mindin’ our Business” internally and externally. We started the day off with a lite continental breakfast. Hey!!! we didn’t want to Diva’s to get too full because they were about to get full mentally. We were about to get Real in Business.

The workshops off the chain can’t even go into detail but just know that these divas got down to business and walked away executing. CHILE those panel discussions though!!!

The Bosses that literally ran and owned Corporations shared resources and provided good bad and ugly truths in owning your own business as women.

We had none other than Jason Lee the controversial CEO of Hollywood Unlocked on the anti-bullying panel along with Attorney J Raven McGee (mental health expert) and Marie Blanco of VH1 Cartel Crew sharing insights on how to deal with being bullied on social media mentally and legally. Jason Lee assured us that we should continue to walk unapologetically in our purpose while taking care of our internal and external business.

Saturday Night- OOOOOWEEEEE we had our networking yacht party and did we Netwerk!!!! fun games dancing and loving on one another no drama just business. Women in business gotta let their hair down sometimes and we did just that. No Drama No Competition

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