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The Stereotpe in our Society is that Women prev on Successful Men and or Men with a known Status. We all know this to be the norm or expected if you will. What happens when the tables turn?


It's happening more often than not to Women. Not only are Successful Women being targeted they are being used. swindled. and or left in debt only to find themselves ashamed, broken, and never to trust again.


Journey with me as we embark on a story of lies, deceit, greed and betrayal. Trials can tear us down or build us up After reading this book you will be able to identify the red flags and bring self-awareness in uncertain situations.


You may have been "swindled" in the past, it's okay, you're not the first and unfortunately you won't be the last. However, Acceptance and Walking in our Truth is the first step on the road healing. It's Time to Own Your S#!+ Keep Your St!+ and Keep it Movin'


Journey with Me


Limiting Edition Lux Gift Set includes hardcover book Bling Pen and SJ Luxury Box.



Successful Women Get Played, Too

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