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Sooooo I got this Man, right? I am really in love with him. He is my everything. Oh, and I have this Boss, right? Well Business Partner to be more exact. I love him too! BUT this dude and I sometimes tend to bump heads at the office. Then we have to go home and sleep in the same bed. If you haven’t figured it out by now, my Husband is… My Love, Business Partner, and WELLLLL let him tell it… BOSS.

We are often asked; How do you do it? How are you two together all the time (Business & Love) and still seem to have a Healthy Marriage? Let’s be clear. In our Love and our Business there is still the Bullshit. We made the decision to not allow our disagreements within our marriage or business to overshadow the love and respect we have for one another. Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is a process or a behavior if you will, that must be mastered.

If you are a couple currently in business together, or thinking about it, here are 3 behaviors we do to minimize the Bullshit that often divide Marriages:

1. Turn it off – As Entrepreneurs running several businesses, this can be difficult but is not impossible. Business CANNOT consume your life or else it will become your life and that is a recipe for disaster. My husband and I often like to meet in the office and discuss our businesses during work hours. Sure, the pillow talk can sometimes lead to business talks but we both must be willing participants. We have given each other permission to say, “not now babe”. Let’s discuss tomorrow. Or we tend to let our actions speak louder than our words. If you know what I mean- Ok I will say it… Do something strange for some change. It will be appreciated. Thank me later

2. Give Yourselves a Day Off (NOT TOGETHER) - My husband has his designated day off and I have mine. While are sure to incorporate our date nights, and family during the week, we also incorporate our “ME TIME” Whether its staying home all day on the sofa, pampering spa day, or lunch with the girls/guys. Take time out for yourself. Whatever you decide to do to unwind do so and do it without your mate. Its okay, its just a day.

3. Love is Love – You are a spouse FIRST - We may not always agree but we will always have each other’s back. I had to come to the realization that I married my man for a reason and where I am weak, he is strong, and Vice Versa. Therefore, we must understand and recognize the strengths in our spouse and trust they will move and handle family and business accordingly.

When you get and understand these concepts, life becomes that much easier. Love is Love and Business is Business. So, when the Bullshit comes (AND IT WILL) always remind yourselves you are Stronger Together.

~ Shareza J Wilkerson

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